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The Technology Gap

So Catch This… An article from the Legal Technology News caught my eye. The article argued that Law School today ignores the day-to-day of lawyers, i.e. technology and the legal process, and focuses solely on the concepts of law, causing technological inefficiencies in the legal world. The article, […]

Get Mobile Now!

So Catch This… Remember the Queen hit, “I want it all…..and I want it Now”?  That’s becoming the mantra for CRM users, especially in the professional services world.  According to Sonoma Partners Blog, “Five Reasons Your CRM Deployment Needs Enterprise Mobility”, Mobile CRM apps will grow 500% in […]

ABC’s of CRM Success: D-F

So Catch This… Whether you are planning a CRM upgrade, conversion to ProfessionalCRM, or net new CRM implementation, the ABC’s of planning your implementation will apply. Let’s start with key definitions, their purpose and how concept application will help to define the strategy and tactical execution of a […]

Risky Business

    So, Catch This … The “Risky Business” of Outlook Add-ins For CRM end users, accessing CRM from within Outlook is one of the keys to CRM success!  Allowing users to work in Outlook while updating and accessing CRM has a dramatic impact on CRM adoption, as […]