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Friday Funnies: The Business Card Exchange

So Catch This…

In about a month I will be attending the LMA national conference in San Diego. With LMA comes much socializing, networking, shaking hands, and the ever important business card exchange.

We all know that a business card is much more than your name and title written on a piece of paper. It represents you as an individual. So, when you do pass over your card, you expect some sort of respect shown; At the very least a quick glance, before being placed into the front jacket pocket of a, more than likely overpriced, suit jacket.

Have you ever been handed a business card and could not help but be envious? Well I would like to bring to you the greatest business card exchange in the history of business card exchanges. It comes out of one of my favorite movies, American Psycho. If you have not seen it, I recommend it highly (Parental Discretion highly advised.)  If you have seen it, please do not take my adoration for this move as anything more than an appreciation of art. For those who have not seen this movie, you will understand when you watch it. But I Digress, without further ado, I bring you Patrick Bateman,

Catch Ya Later…

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