The ABC's Of CRM Success

The ABC’s of CRM: V-W

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The ABC’s of CRM: V-W

Veracity and Willingness.

Whether you are planning a net new CRM installation, or an upgrade to the latest release of your existing CRM products, our ABC’s of planning and executing your implementation/upgrade will apply. With the ProfessionalCRM “ABC’s of CRM” series, we have fun with words.  This installment highlights V and W: We will talk about the importance of maximizing the veracity of your CRM system, core processes need to support the users to own their part of the solution. Once they feel they own their part of the solution, they will start to have more of a willingness to participate. Ultimately, adding value to the system.

veracity (noun):

habitual observance of truth in speech or statement; truthfulness; fact; accuracy; correctness or accuracy, as of the senses or of a scientific instrument.

 For our purpose, accuracy, reliability, legitimacy, exactness, integrity are all words that historically, for professional service firms, have rarely been associated with their CRM systems.  The answer for most firms has been to throw bodies at the CRM system in terms of data: Stewards to ensure the integrity of the data, and likewise the reliability of the system.  As a company ethos, we do not feel this level of investment in your systems has ever reaped the results of enhancing user adoption, and in fact has had the reverse consequence, impeding successful adoption.

Obviously, someone has to have oversight of the system to ensure standards are met, (typically this is a person in the marketing team) but the death knell for any firm is to propagate the concept and “feeling” that the Marketing department “owns” the data.  Sure there are certain data points this “custodian” should own, primarily company level data used in research and segmentation, but the users need to own the contact data. 

Why???  Because they know the contacts, it’s not just about accuracy of the data, but how they know the contact and providing knowledge about why this contact is important to the firm.  Data Stewards have no clue about much of this type of information.  BTW – It’s not their fault!  So, how do they get this info?  Well they go back to the users for it and unless you have a fleet of data stewards, you will never gain the valuable knowledge you want in the system, all the while the firm is investing big dollars in relatively valueless effort.

In short to maximize the “veracity” of your CRM system, core processes need to support the users to own their part of the solution!

willingness (adjective):

disposed or consenting; inclined; willing to go along.  Consenting, or ready.

 For our purpose, developing willingness to participate is the Holy Grail.  If you have willingness to participate and continue to validate and perpetuate through your CRM evolution, you will achieve user adoption of the CRM system.  However, it is a virtuous cycle and therefore you may never “rest on your laurels”, but continually focus on the next milestone and the next success story.

Catch Ya Later…

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