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The ABC’s of CRM Success: P-R

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The ABC’s of CRM: P-R

Parabola, Quiver, Realization

Whether you are planning a net new CRM installation, or an upgrade to the latest release of your existing CRM products, our ABC’s of planning and executing your implementation/upgrade will apply.

With the ProfessionalCRM “ABC’s of CRM” series, we have fun with words.  This installment highlights P, Q, and R: We will talk about the importance of staying as flexible as possible, as there may be some ‘formula changes’ to your parabola: changes to your staff, or changing needs during implementation. And although these changes may be frustrating just realize the ultimate goal: to have a successfully implemented CRM system that will increase the amount of tools and weapons you can pull out of your quiver. Lastly, always keep your mind on the shareholders visions of success. The realization of return will be obvious to the shareholders once your CRM system is implemented, and the ROI exceeds expectations.

 parabola (noun, geometry):

a plane curve formed by the intersection of a right circular cone with a plane parallel to a generator of the cone; the set of points in a plane that are equidistant from a fixed line and a fixed point in the same plane or in a parallel plane.

For our purpose, No Virginia , we have not lost our mind.  CRM life would be grand if there was a “one-size fits all” formula for success.  There ARE DEFINITELY best practices for success, but each firm needs to understand their own unique needs and not be surprised if they are presented with a change to their “equation” in the midst of CRM execution.  These “formula variations” happen all the time: leadership changes, budget crunch, mergers, acquisitions, or your CRM system success just enlightened management to measurement (hallelujah), etc.

Remaining flexible is key, while maintaining order is essential.  As an example, don’t change the entire system for one practice group that may have their own idiosyncrasies that other practices find irrelevant, and DO NOT allow your design to inorganically grow into a Frankenstein!

quiver (noun):

a case for holding or carrying a variety of weapons, primarily arrows.

For our purpose, we are talking a variety of weapons or tools at your beckon, not quivering toes, although CRM success does kind of do it for me (Yes, I did just say that!!)

As in the definition above, you must have: an Outlook based system which is easy-to-use, different “solutions” for different members of your constituency, and cast a wide net in order to satisfy each group’s unique requirements.  In particular, ‘Hot Buttons” for each are usually:

  • For partners and associates: it’s all about data protection, relationship intelligence and MOBILITY;
  • For admin staff: it’s all about productivity;
  • For the business developers: MOBILITY, activity management, relationship intelligence and reporting;
  • For marketers: It’s all about data quality, segmenting, targeting and reporting; and
  • For management: It’s all about not hearing complaints (tongue firmly in cheek, sorta)

realization (noun):

the making or being made real of something imagined, planned, etc.; the result of such a process; the act of realizing or the state of being realized; or an instance or result of realizing.

For our purpose, realization for partners has very different meaning.  High realization GOOD, low realization BAD!   Whether it be related to billable hours, collections, whatever financial indicator you wish to apply.  Realization equates directly to profit, and in turn, return on investment (ROI) in the hearts and minds and wallets of your shareholders.

So, as you develop and execute your CRM roadmap and implement to your constituents the solutions required for their specific needs, keep your eye on how your shareholders envision success, adjusting your milestones accordingly.  In other words, each time you announce a success, put it in terms of $$$.  Your shareholders speak that language.

Catch Ya Later…

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