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Did you catch last weeks segment on “Cross-Selling”? If so, we hope you enjoyed it. If not find it Here. This week David has chosen to highlight some keys to “Generating Referrals,” A fast break tip from the Law Firm CultureShift®David educates on the importance of knowing who your main referral sources are, as well as who else is using them as such. This among other tips, all leading to the ultimate goal of receiving more work those all-important referral sources.

Are you looking for a CRM system that allows you to see where your new business is coming from? Ask to Demo ProfessionalCRM, and we can show you how our business development tools, including referral tracking and reporting, can help you reach this goal.

Enjoying the Lessons from a Law Firm CultureShift®? David has also agreed to participate in a Webinar with our sponsor, ProfessionalCRM, on March 4th, 2015 at 12PM EST entitled:

The Law Firm CultureShift®: Opening the Closing Discussion”


In the Webinar, he will impart some important pieces of business development wisdom, helping you to find more ways to open the closing discussion, and ultimately help the firm generate more revenue.

If this is the first time you have caught one of the segmentsSo Catch This would like to re-introduce David H. Freeman. David is the creator of Law Firm CultureShift®, a whole firm approach that dramatically increases client and revenue-focused activity throughout a law firm.

David is a best-selling author and award-winning consultant, who, for three consecutive years, has been voted “The Best Business Development Coach and Consultant” in nation-wide National Law Journal surveys. He produces highly popular video tips on leadership and business development and he wrote an ongoing leadership column for Marketing the Law Firm. He has written three books on law firm leadership and business development, and has authored numerous articles on management, leadership, client service, strategy, and business development for major legal publications such as ABA Journal, ABA Law Practice Magazine, Of Counsel, The New York Law Journal, Law Firm Leadership and Strategy Report, ALA Legal Management, ALA Currents, Managing Partner Magazine, Law Firm Partnership and Benefits Report, Professional Marketing Magazine, LexisNexis, Law 360, NALP Foundation Report, LMA Strategies and Law Firm Governance.


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