The Lighter Side

Friday funnies: Thanksgiving Style

So Catch This…

abducted turkeys

In the Turkey world, abductions go up by 200% in the month of November … and they still  haven’t figured it out yet

dog thanksgiving

I think this is actually how dogs think…

eat ham (chic filet)

Looks like the Turkeys are taking a page out of the Chick-Fil-A Marketing book this year.

Every year the Turkeys are finding new and improved ways to conceal their identities.

flamingo     chicken cow     im not a turkey

Natural Selection at its finest!

happy turkey 2

I think he may be ‘HOT” for her.

Precooked Turkeys…

tanning turkey

So that’s how its done?

Aw, the american family and their technology …


Whats thanksgiving without an Instagram post of your food?


I am glad evolution made it so we are the ones doing the stuffing..

Catch Ya Later…


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