Big Law

Is Big Law Ready for Fundamental Change?

So Catch This… The American Lawyer Asks if Big Law is Ready for the Fundamental Changes…

I read this short release with interest as our team had recently profiled our thoughts on the 2014 Technology Purchasing Survey Read it here.

In the release, The American Lawyer provided their thoughts on key stats from the purchasing survey and also highlighted 4 key trends impacting the law firm business structure.  Read the release here.

Two items jumped off the page for me…

  1. Trend: “The big-firm market has segmented. A handful of firms—the top 10 percent—have capitalized on the other trends by claiming an outsized share of the remaining premium-priced work. As a result, their partners have reaped benefits. The other 90 percent are divided into those who are mere winners and those falling behind.”
  2. And the other was a quote by Editor-in-Chief Kim Kleman. Kleman said “One of the takeaways for firms is that they need to know where they stand in the marketplace with respect to their competitors, And they need to know really, truly and honestly what their clients think of their work—and commit to doing even better.”

Timely, as we just sponsored a 3 part webinar series presented by Debra Baker, Esq., CEO and founder of the Law Leaders Lab, “The changing face of the legal market” which drills deep into both of these points and validates the timeliness of Debra’s focus on addressing these issues in her consulting practice.

Check out Debra’s valuable contribution to our “Education through Experience” webinar series on our ProfessionalCRM YouTube Channel.  They are excellent and obviously timely!

Catch ya later…

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