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Remember the Queen hit, “I want it all…..and I want it Now”?  That’s becoming the mantra for CRM users, especially in the professional services world.  According to Sonoma Partners Blog, “Five Reasons Your CRM Deployment Needs Enterprise Mobility”, Mobile CRM apps will grow 500% in 2014.  Of course, as the title says, there are reasons to have your CRM support mobility.  The most obvious is getting the data you need when you need it.  The writer of the blog list other reasons, but let’s face it, getting information that help people maximize their relationships, is really the main necessity.

But, as the Ronco TV ad man says, “but wait there’s more…..”  CRM Mobility also puts CRM where your people are.  If all someone needs is a contact or to reference an e-mail; then, their smartphone is enough.  But, what about when they need to know whom in the firm knows this person they just met at some charity event, on the golf course, at a meet and greet, etc.  Building on relationships is paramount to securing someone’s trust and their business.

Our take on the article:

It’s a great article that will cause you to really think how meeting the needs of your users helps your firm meet their goals.  And, ProfessionalCRM built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM is mobile ready.  Read the full article here…

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