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Microsoft Announces Matter Center for Office 365


So, Catch This  Microsoft announces Matter Center for Office 365 at ILTA 2014

Unveiling productivity and collaborations tools designed specifically for the legal vertical this week as reported by Bloomberg here, Microsoft treads interesting ground.  There was significant buzz a few years ago when Microsoft disbanded the platform group specifically assigned to focus on and support Large Law in the application of evolving Microsoft technologies.  Many firms took this as a significant “event” and foreshadowed a coming lack of focus on the legal market.

However, from our “inside view”, we knew this was simply a restructuring of the support provided by Microsoft to the legal vertical, as they expanded and retooled the structure of the “Account Manager” role.  Further validation is shown by the number of Microsoft participants at ILTA, and potentially this announcement.  Read more here.

Our take

We are not taking a stance on whether Matter Center will be a hit or a miss, but know clearly that: 1) Office 365 is receiving substantial resources in both R&D investment and marketing push from the field; and 2) Microsoft is very committed to the legal and broader professional services vertical.  We will keep our ears tuned for more…

Catch you later…


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